Carpet Care & Maintenance

Clean CarpetCarpet may be one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain, yet the beauty and life of your carpet depends directly on the care it receives. Quality carpet that is well-maintained should last for years. Proper cleaning will keep it looking great for its full lifetime, help improve your indoor air quality, and help adhere to your carpet’s warranties.

Regular maintenance

The more you vacuum the better your carpet will perform. Clean spots and spills quickly with products that do not damage the carpet or cause it to re-soil by leaving behind oily residues. Professionally deep clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months to remove embedded dirt and grime. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the preferred methods for cleaning your carpets.

Stop dirt before it enters your home

Use of outdoor and indoor mats or runners can reduce the amount of dirt that enters your home. Save wear and tear on carpet by asking everyone to take off their shoes before entering. Change air filters in your heating and air-conditioning systems as recommended by the manufacturer’s directions to ensure less dust and particles fall on the carpet.

Stains and soil

The majority of stain complaints are actually soil related. Spills if not cleaned up quickly can leave a residue after removal and will begin to attract dirt. Oil in the form of body oil, oil tracked in on shoes, and air borne cooking oil can also leave a residue after they have been removed. This residue readily attracts soil from ordinary shoe traffic, and the resulting discolored area appears to be a stain. When spills are cleaned with a detergent solution and the area is not sufficiently rinsed with plain water a detergent residue is left that begins to attract dirt. It is important to rinse thoroughly with water and blot dry after removing any spill.